Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift 合作錄製新歌!

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Get ready for the most unbelievable song to hit the airwaves because the Biebs and Taylor are finally teaming up and not for another episode of ‘Punk’d’ — we can’t wait!

準備好迎接一首棒的難以置的,勢必熱門的歌曲了嗎? Justin Bieber(小賈斯汀)和Taylor Swift終於一起合作了!
(不是為了‘Punk’d’的惡搞節目喔~*註) — 我們已經等不及了!

Justin Bieber is pulling out all the stops for his upcoming Believe album.

Justin Bieber在他即將發行的專輯"Believe"中用盡了渾身解數,

The 18-year-old just revealed in an interview on April 11 that he collaborated with his girlfriend Selena Gomez‘s bestie Taylor Swift on his third studio album!

18歲的他在四月11日的一場訪問中透露,在他第三張專輯(Believe)中,他和Taylor---女友Selena Gomez最好的朋友--- 一起合作了!

“We worked with Mike Posner for “Boyfriend” so that turned out well,” he says. “It’s crazy. I mean, I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently.”

"我們和Mike Posner一起合作"Boyfriend"這首單曲,因此,這首歌變得很成功"他說,
"這實在很瘋狂,我的意思是,我甚至和Taylor Swift一起寫了首歌,讓這整張專輯更上一層樓了!"

Okay, so we don’t know if she will actually sing on the track but this will be amazing regardless!


The album is expected to come out this summer and we will be the first ones in line!




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